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Based in Kansas City, Missouri, we specialize in providing comprehensive financial and tax solutions to Real Estate Investors with mid-six figures of revenue and up.

Are you looking for a simple way to understand
what’s working and what’s not working for your REI?



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It’s Time To Establish A Strategic Plan

Do you know what steps are needed to get your REI to the next level?

Are you trying to build wealth through real estate investments? 

Ever wonder how the top 1% utilize the tax code to lower their taxes? 

Questions we hear from our clients: 

When can I qualify for Real Estate Professional status and what does it means for tax savings? 

What is a 1031 exchange and is it the right move for me? 

I inherited my grandparent’s rental- now what? 

How often should I flip my investment properties

Should I look into cost-segregation? 

Let’s make a plan to keep the most money in your pocket and pay the least amount of tax.

We Offer Solutions-Focused, Monthly Packages
For Common Challenges:

Running out of cash & Cash Flow Constraints

Payroll- missing payroll (again) or a key employee quitting

Taking on too much debt & Debt Management

The business going under for whatever reason & Financial Transparency

Wealth Building Strategies: How the 1% leverage the tax code to maximize their wealth

Tax Reduction Techniques: Refine your approach to legally reduce taxes on your W-2 and active income

Strategic Roadmap:  to answer question things such as: 

  • When to hire/promote/fire employees

  • How much it will cost

  • How much cash to save for taxes

  • When to purchase the new building

  • How much you can pay yourself

  • If you should buy, lease, or rent equipment

  • How much of a bonus you can pay your team

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

Taking Care Of The Numbers So You Can Focus On What Matters Most To You

For any business owner, a million and one decisions need to be made on any given day. BUT who do you turn to for help?

Maybe its time to hire a Real Estate Tax Expert

We start where other accountants leave off. We are forward thinking- we look at what is actually happening or likely to happen along with other circumstances that will affect your future. 

If you are interested in building a fully collaborative relationship with one firm, this package is for you.

Our Full-Service option means we handle the entire process.

We develop your custom tax plan, touch base with quarterly calls, suggest and implement savings strategies, and tie it all together with your year-end tax return filings.

Limited number of openings for this service.

The plain and simple truth is that engaging the appropriate professional financial expert sets you up for growth and keeps you one-step ahead of the game at every stage of your company’s life-cycle.